Studio Changelog

Studio 1.2.1


  • GL-STD- 156 Fixed bugs on focus states

Studio 1.2


  • GL-STD- 98 Right sidebar:
    • Editing of dialplan elements: Call flow switch, IVR menu, Number-based routing, Time-based routing, Label and DTMF input has been transferred from the dialog window on the canvas to the right sidebar.
  • GL-STD- 138 Left sidebar:
    • Improved overview of elements. Split into two groups: Static and Dynamic elements.
    • Search bar now placed at Dynamic elements. Static elements remain visible during search and filtering.
    • Added dialplan name to keep overview when working with a large dialpan which needs scrolling.
    • Save and Collapse / Expand buttons moved from canvas to left sidebar to improve usability
    • Drag & Drop behaviour of elements more strict. Previously it was possible to click an element which was then added to the canvas. This has been removed because is caused unintended results.

Studio 1.1


  • GL-STD- 104 Type to search select for prompts
  • GL-STD- 143 Auto focus on wizards and forms
  • GL-STD- 131 Tooltips for long names in element box
  • GL-STD- 105 Wizard flow improvements
  • GL-STD- 95 Breadcrumb navigation bug fixes
  • GL-STD- 130 Colors to element boxes
  • GL-STD- 82 Minor UI improvements


  • GL-STD- 132 Element boxes are now smaller
  • GL-STD- 133 Expanded state is now default
  • GL-STD- 114 Replaced drop placeholder with line
  • GL-STD- 107 Drag over branch now expands it with delay


  • GL-STD- 113 Droppable area outside element box
  • GL-STD- 79 Modals and wizards close on outside click