Domain names and IP addresses

This list is provided to ease troubleshooting. Talksome, its resellers and vendors may add and remove IP addresses and ranges as our customer base grows. Therefore we don’t recommend using the provided information for strict firewall rules or to populate IP allow lists.

Compass environments

Client devices on these Compass installations may see incoming and outgoing traffic from and to IP addresses in the mentioned ranges. We do our best to keep these lists up to date. If you are troubleshooting, consider it a possibility this document does not have the latest information. In those cases, always double check the IP address with our support desk.

Integrated and remote applications (such as mobile apps, Panel and Bridge) may have additional requirements besides being able to connect to these Compass environments.




Vendor phone provisioning domains

Supported phones use vendor services to perform zero-touch provisioning. The phone uses a vendor provided domain name to contact these services. IP addresses associated with vendor provided domain names may change at any moment without notice. Do not block access to these domains and/or IP addresses since this will prevent the phone from requesting its configuration when adding it to Compass.

These domains are not under control of Talksome. Information provided is accurate at the time of writing but may change without notice. In order to find the current IP addresses for a vendor services domain name, use a DNS lookup tool such as dig (GNU/Linux, macOS) or nslookup (Windows).

For example: dig