Compass structure

Compass is a cloud telephony platform that makes it possible to create intelligent and automated reachability. The functions will be described on the basis of the IFTTT structure. See:

These are the basic building blocks of accessibility. It includes:

compass structure

Internal & External numbers (Input channels)

Internal numbers are also known as extensions. External numbers are dialed from outside the organization. Internal numbers can only be dialed by Compass users.

Dialplan (Elements)

These are the triggers and actions that ensure that a called number terminates at the correct user. The elements are visible as colored blocks when an external or internal number is opened. Ingredients: These are pieces of data from an element. For example, the caller ID numbers, voice prompt, etc.

User settings

This is the last step which after the last element from the dialplan, decides to which output (forward, phone, forced on cloud) a call goes. In other words, where an incoming call is going to ring.


Recipies (solutions)

A combination of: Channels + dialplan + User settings


An (organizational) context in which a recipe can be used. This relates to the current situation and future needs of the organization.

What is a use case?

A situation with one or more recipes.

A use case always begins with the current situation and desired situation description (Who).> Then there are one or more recipes (What) handed to resolve the desired situation. Within the recipe attention is given to: - Summary: Channels (numbers and devices), Dialplan, User Settings - Example calling plan per number (How)