How to display labels on Yealink phones

On supported Yealink phones it is possible to set the display label for the function keys ‘status’ (BLF) and ‘speeddial’.

  1. Edit the function keys of a phone in the Compass webinterface.
  2. Choose ‘status’ or ‘speeddial’ as the key type.
  3. In the input field, enter the desired extension to monitor, or number to speed dial. For example: 2345
  4. Add a space, and the desired label. The input now looks like this: 2345 Front-desk

The result will be a function key that will monitor or call the extension 2345, and the display will say ‘Front-desk’. You can configure the label any way you like. It is just a string of text. The label can be short or long, and can also contain the extension if desired.

Key configuration in Compass Number dialed when pressing key: Display label will show:
2345 2345 2345
2345 Front-desk 2345 Front-desk
547 John (547) 547 John (547)

Note: when the user of the phone is logged out (by dialing *1), the function keys will be inactive and invisible.